The Chesterfield Fire District operates the following vehicles:

Chief 2620 – 2001 Dodge Durango 4WD


This vehicle is assigned to the Fire Chief and contains a number of incident command supplies and radios to manage emergency incidents.


Engine 2621 – 2006 Pierce Enforcer Pumper


Engine 2621 is a 2006 Pierce that was custom built for the fire district.  It equipped with a 1750 gallon per minute pump as well as a compressed air foam system (CAFS).  A 1000 gallon water tank is housed in the body that carries a full compliment of tools and equipment needed for structural fire fighting.  The cab is designed to carry a 6 man crew and provide instant access to SCBA packs and quick access tools.


Tender 2626 – 1996 Freightliner Water Tender


Tender 2626 is a 1996 Freightliner tender that was custom built for the fire district.  It is equipped with a 4000 gallon stainless steel water tank, which is one of the largest in the county and also carries a 3000 gallon portable pond.  A conventional 3 man cab carries the crew to scenes where permanent water supplies are not available.


Rescue 2628 – 1991 International/Hackney Rescue


Rescue 2628 is a 1991 International/Hackney rescue.  It has a 5 man conventional cab and an aluminum body that was customized for the fire districts needs.  Rescue 2628 carries a full compliment of vehicle extrication tools and supplies as well as equipment for search and rescue, water rescue, low angle rope rescue and EMS.  This apparatus is also outfitted with a light tower for illuminating scenes at night and a cascade system for filling SCBA bottles.


Utility 2629 – 2003 Dodge Durango 4WD


Utility 2629 is a retired Chesterfield TWP police vehicle.  It was acquired by the district in 2009 and placed into service as a support vehicle.  Utility 2629 is used to transport additional personnel to scenes and training.  When needed Utility 2629 is used in a fire police capacity to support the incident.


Fire Police 26-201 – 2007 Ford Crown Victoria


Fire Police 26-201 is also a retired Chesterfield TWP police vehicle.  This was acquired by the district in 2012 and placed into service.  This unit not only supports the fire district at emergency incidents but also is part of the Burlington County Fire Police strike teams.


2626            1998 Freightliner 4000 Gal. Tender – Portable Pond 650 GPM
2628            1990 IHC Cascade/Rescue/Lighting – Air Bags/Rope Rescue
2629             2004 Dodge – Utility
26201           2007 Ford Crown Vic – Fire Police